Friday 19 August 2011

Friday Feature

Every now and then I encounter a blog and blogger that makes me really think, and makes me happy that I've entered this amazing community of bloggers. I've had an idea this week. Every Friday I am going to do a feature on a blog I have loved this week and my first victim blogger is the gorgeous MummyPinkWellies (aka Katherine) who writes this delightful, positive and pretty blog about raising the gorgeous Littlebit! You must look in the "about" section for her drool worthy wedding photo! Talk about style!

I found this blog through the equally delightful and inspirational MummyBeadzoid.

MummyPinkWellies and I both have something in common, our babies were born early due to pre eclampsia, and her birth story has parrallels with mine.

What I love about this blog is that it just springs onto your desk top with positivity and light. I love the photos, and lets face it, having never owned one, I just love a cute little pink girlie! I loved the recent post about a day in the life of Littlebit and the things she does every day seem awesome to me! How I wish we had a Roody's in our neighbourhood! Littlebit is gorgeous, and goes to show, like Joseph, that investing money in neonatal care is, quite frankly, money well spent.

And on the subject of money, MummyPinkWellies is a Bliss campaigner, petitioning our politicians to put neonatal care firmly on the health agenda and ensure good quality service provision for the tiniest of NHS patients.

MummyPinkWellies hasn't been blogging for a long time, but already I think the warmth and intimacy of her blog makes it a winner! It will remain one of my daily reads for a long time!

Stay tuned next week for my next feature. If you want to join in on your own blog, featuring a blogger who has made your week, feel free!


  1. Thank you Kylie! And I agree, Mummy Pink Wellies is fabulous - and every bit as much so in real life, which is why I'll be nominating her for Tesco's Mum of the Year. Only wished you lived nearby too so we could form a prem-mum 'gang!'


  2. Thanks so much Kylie.

    You and Mummy Beadzoid are my blogging (and mummy) inspiration you know.