Saturday 11 February 2012

Listography - Top 5 Phrases That Drive Me Crazy

This week's Listography from Kate Takes 5 has had some great responses and I thought I'd chime in too! I have to admit, that some of these I have probably been known to use......


The top 5 phrases that drive me crazy

1. There's an elephant in the room - Oh my word, is it going to stampede, what if it poos? Who cleans it up? What do we feed it? I had never heard of this one until my husband said they were doing an elephant in the room exercise at work. "What do you think you are?" I replied. "A zookeeper?" Unless you are, in fact, a zookeeper, do not say this phrase. It's annoying.

2. At the end of the day - I have long distinguished career as a pain in the neck. When in first year university I was concerned about changes in education in Tasmania and had a meeting with the state minister for education, Peter Patmore. The meeting went for 30 minutes. He said "at the end of the day" 27 times. A very long day.

3. Has Joseph caught up yet? - To whom? Is it a race? Are the other people standing still? I have no idea, so please don't ask me. You could ask "how is Joseph doing?" that, I can answer.

4. I'm going to have my ears lowered - Yes, my dear husband I am talking about you. No you are not having your ears lowered, they are stuck fast on to your head. You are having your haircut.

5, Is it not? Can you not? Will you not? Have you not? - and endless variations on this theme. Now I know there is a lot of internet debate about the use of these little creatures. "What creatures?" I hear you ask.

These ones. ''''''''' These little creatures, the often spotted apostrophe. Now whilst sometimes these creatures crawl about in unexpected places "potatoe's on offer" for example, there are times when they are necessary. "Isn't it? Can't you? Won't you? Haven't you" are all appropriate uses of the apostrophe.I cannot bear it. And for the toddler it is very confusing. A lady who works at pre school says every snack time "do you not want....." if the toddler at all pauses before taking a piece of banana etc. So now Joseph said "I don't want" instead of "I do want". Confused? I am, and lets face it motherhood has addled what little was left of my poor brain.

Ah that feels ever so much better. Thank you Kate


  1. frontline_parenting11 February 2012 at 15:51

    Oh God, my Dad uses the 'ears lowered' one and it just makes me want to slap him. Great list.

  2. Oh dear, I do number 5 sometimes, I think it's a Northern thing!

  3. I love the elephant in the room one :) my pet hate is "it is and it isn't".... Eh? That's not answering the question! Grrrr.